As an outlet for my interest - okay, my obsession - with domestic ducks and agrarian living, the Duckstead web site has arrived!

This site is the hub for musings about the ducks, their role in the interconnected, Permaculture-inspired design of our little plot of land, and a source for books, merchandise, podcasts, e-books and videos on related topics.

My first book, "Carmella, Where Is Your Quack?" is intended to be for reading aloud to young children, or for young readers (or adults who just want an easy read about sweet ducks). It is available from three different sources.

You could order it through Amazon.

You could order it through Createspace, where you need a free login.
Please see my blog post on the Down on the Duckstead page for the urls to use to get to the Createspace and Amazon pages for the book.