Oct 23, 2017

Reviving Duckstead's Web Site - The Problem Is The Solution

Saturday's Permaculture and Regenerative Living Intro class at New Morning Market in Woodbury went quite well (-:

It was a boost for me to continue raising my profile and sharing the goings-on here.

Yesterday morning I also recalled a story from my spiritual tradition about the importance of making the most of the time given to us.


Today one of the tasks will be to move some damp, enriched (manured) chopped straw from the Day Pen, where it has been building up and beginning to compost, over to the garden where we have Wine Cap mushrooms (Stropharia rugosoannulata). They have been easy for us to grow here. I provide them with high-carbon material like straw or wood chips or sawdust, and they just keep coming up, then they develop their mycelium for a while, then they come up again. I need to check daily, because they develop so quickly, and once I missed a big batch of them because I was not expecting them, so I had not looked for a week.

Straw comes here to the duckstead first to be used for duck bedding, then as mulch (mushroom food) on its way to becoming rich soil. One goal is to find a much closer source for the straw - it is from our region, but not our neighborhood or town. Good things can take some time.