Nov 8, 2015

Down on the Duckstead - Cheese and Plastic

I had become resigned to a certain level of plastics around my food. Seems even the best places to purchase foods generally opt in to plastic containers or wrappers of some sort. The reasons are primarily, I reckon, practical. For all I know, there are regulations that may require it in some cases. And certainly, plastic containers and wrappers seem mostly to cost less than alternatives. Then there's consumer demand. I think some folks expect and trust plastic somehow. That last one is just a guess based on the assumption that retailers want to provide what their customers will pay for, and that the retailers use plastic.

So, I came across Specifically, among the many bits of information and ideas Beth Terry offers, are her thoughts on and experiences with finding a way to enjoy cheese without the plastic.

She woke me up to something I had known for ages, that paraffin wax is a petroleum product, and that is the most common wax used for waxed cheeses. sigh. She also reported that she has been able to find cheese that is not coated in paraffin, and even reviews a couple of ways to store cheese without plastic.