Jan 25, 2016

Well, Hello, Sunshine! (Notes from 1/24/2016)

Well, Hello, Sunshine!  (Notes from 1/24/2016)
Yesterday we spent pretty much hunkered down, having prepared for not only the winter storm but the possibility of the electric grid failing.

I am happy to report the grid held.

We had a quiet day mostly spent indoors. A few hours of my time was used to help keep the duckies content. They truly remain a little more calm when they are stuck inside if I simply find something to do near them. I tidied up a bit in the basement. That’s always a good move.

Today, the sun is startlingly bright after such a long gray day yesterday. It is still rather cold, though it has warmed up from 16F this morning to a relatively mild 28. In fact, once I get a little area cleared and covered in bedding for the ducks to warm their feet on, I plan to let them out for a taste of it.