Jan 30, 2016

Not Ducks Today

Not Ducks Today
Using a froe to split the section of ash so that it can be carved into spoons.
Not that we did not do ducky things - the Runners and Buffs were outside all afternoon while I coppiced some ash and maple and pruned around the new garden area so that it would get some decent sun.

Coppice is the practice of cutting young trees and letting them sprout. It keeps the trees young (there are coppiced trees over a thousand years old in Great Britain, I am told) and instead of cutting down large trees and busting up the pieces to get the size you want, you let the sprouts grow to the size you want (for a basket, a pole, a post, firewood).

I cut some white ash and most of the length of it will be a curtain rod, some will be a pole for the garden, and a smaller section will be - perhaps - a couple of wooden spoons.