Jan 12, 2016

More thoughts on rhythms - ebbs, flows, energy

More thoughts on rhythms - ebbs, flows, energy
Yes, it has been a week. A week since I posted here, and it has been a week, if ya know what I mean!

I needed help finding some storage and work surface that would enable me to continue converting a late 1960's suburban ranch style house with a tiny kitchen into a functional duckstead home.

Functional in my case means room in the kitchen for the supplies and equipment used to make large amounts of food for meals for more than just two people, room for sauerkraut crocks and kombucha vessels, cheese-making, a dehydrator, bean sprouts, fodder trays and canning equipment.

Enter a dear friend who has the kind of savvy and experience I lack in all things interior. The outdoors is the place I understand. Indoors, not so much.

Within a few days, I not only was provided with all of the above, but with a more open living area that will make hospitality possible in our home.

This boost has started the domino effect that is making it easier to set up a workspace (dare I call it a studio?) for my writing and recording and Permaculture planning work.

The cats, of course, have been rather critical of the whole affair. The ducks don't seem to mind, as it has not impacted their lives at all, and after all, that's what matters, yes?

Our place will still be rustic and informal and rarely tidy, don't worry. It will also be capable of producing more wholesome food, and more joy, I expect.

Stay tuned!